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Not only can you fill out the application on the app, you will have access to the list of available temp and permanent positions in real time.         

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Browser Suggestion: Please use Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Edge Browsers. 

SAFARI (the browser that comes with APPLE products) is not compatible. Please go to APP STORE and download a suggested browser from the list above) or print the PDF application that is below this digital application.

By filling out this application and clicking "Apply Now", "Candidate" (applicant) understands, accepts & agrees to the following:

Direct Placement & Temporary Employment Offers

There is no cost to you for utilizing our services.

It is our pleasure to work with you in serving this community. Together we are helping so many offices with their scheduling, allowing them to maintain productivity and keep a low stress environment for their existing employees. We enjoy giving you and the offices the freedom to work together in scheduling other dates and permanent opportunities directly. This agreement outlines the requirements in order to maintain a professional relationship that allows us all to work harmoniously. 

If a dental office that Adirondack Staffing Solutions has referred the Candidate to, directly offers the Candidate temporary, permanent or contract employment of any sort, within a period of one year from the time Adirondack Staffing Solutions referred the Candidate to the office, Candidate agrees that if they accept said offer, they will not only communicate to the Dental Office that the acceptance is “through the agency”, they will also immediately notify Adirondack Staffing Solutions. Failure to do so will result in candidate’s liability of the damages that Adirondack Staffing Solutions will suffer as a result of such actions.

Candidate agrees not to contact clients, vendors or employees of the Agency to make private arrangements with Dental Offices serviced by the Agency. Not informing the Agency of direct arrangements, within one year of referral to the Dental Office is in breach of this contract and you will be liable for damages. In the event that candidate derives an economic benefit, in any form from a violation of the candidate’s obligations pursuant to the staffing agreement, it is hereby agreed that a portion of such economic benefit belongs to the agency. Candidate agrees to compensate the agency immediately upon agencies request in the amount of $2290 (formula: $1600 placement fee, damages of $600.00 = 5% percent yearly advertising cost, $90 labor cost $30 per hour x 3hours).

This agreement also serves as a confidentiality agreement between "Candidate, Adirondack Staffing Solutions, LLC, and the "Dental Offices" and staff members of said "Dental Offices". Candidate agrees not to divulge to outside parties the dealings with Adirondack Staffing Solutions and the "Dental Offices" to which they are referred.

PAYMENT FOR YOUR SERVICES: Adirondack Staffing Solutions does not pay Candidates directly. Payment is made to Candidate in the form of cash, check, direct deposit, and occasionally through the client's payroll. Please keep your time sheets filed in a safe place as you may receive W2’s and/or 1099's from said offices.

Adirondack Staffing Solutions does not guarantee any assigned temporary or permanent position to any dental office.

I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to employment, I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my release.

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