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Dental Assistant

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Click the link below to get started... Easy as 1.2.3!

Please click the link below to fill out the application and then click the link below that to create a profile on our dashboard. (Payroll packet is only for offices that utilize Agency payroll for temps, not needed in order to get started.)

Careers: Welcome


Please click  the link below that to create a profile on our dashboard.

Please make sure to read in the shift description to see how you will get paid for temp shifts, so that you know how to prepare:

Client Payroll: I highly recommend bringing a Voided check and getting Direct Deposit. (no one likes lost checks) 

ADK Staffing Payroll: You will need to fill out my "New Hire Packet" via Docusign and send a picture of a voided check and the direct deposit form with a physical signature on it. 

1099 Paid on Platform: You will need to link your bank on the Platform. The first pay will be 7 days after the close of the current week, after that only a couple of days after the close of the week. You must clock in and out using the platform. No more lost checks form offices.

1099 Paid Check with Office: You will get paid either day of or within a couple of weeks from the office that you temp at. 

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