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Finding you the perfect practice to do what you love.

Dentist Candidates: Welcome
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Finding you the perfect practice to do what you love

By filling out this application and clicking "Apply Now", Dentist Candidate understands, accepts & agrees to the following:

Direct Dental Office, Temporary Employment, or Contractual Offers

If a dental office Adirondack Staffing Solutions has referred the Dentist Candidate to, directly offers the Dentist temporary, permanent or contract employment of any sort, without involving Adirondack Staffing Solutions for the period of one year from the time Adirondack Staffing Solutions referred the Dentist Candidate to the office, Dentist Candidate agrees to not accept said offer and to refer the office back to Adirondack Staffing Solutions. Failure to do so will result in candidate’s liability of the damages that Adirondack Staffing Solutions will suffer as a result of such actions.

Dentist agrees not to contact clients, vendors or employees of the Agency to make private arrangements with Dental Offices serviced by the Agency.  In the event that Dentist derives an economic benefit, in any form, from a violation of the Dentist Candidate’s obligations pursuant to this staffing agreement, it is hereby agreed that a portion of such economic benefit belongs to the Agency.  Dentist Candidate agrees to compensate the Agency, immediately upon Agency’s request in the amount of $6490.00. (Formula: $5800.00 dollars Placement fee, Damages of $600.00 -5% Yearly Advertising costs, $90 labor cost -$30 per hour x 3 hours).

This agreement also serves as a confidentiality agreement between "Candidate" and Adirondack Staffing Solutions, LLC and the "Dental Offices" and staff members of said "Dental Offices". Candidate agrees not to divulge to outside parties the dealings with Adirondack Staffing Solutions and the "Dental Offices" to which they are referred.

Adirondack Staffing Solutions does not guarantee any assigned temporary or permanent position to any dental office.


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Dentist Candidates: Job Application
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